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We're all mad here Yomassage

Welcome to an Alice In Wonderland “we’re all mad here” yomassage experience; an intimate circle of restorative yoga, massage, meditation, reiki and a tea party!

The event includes 90 minutes of yomassage/reiki and 30 minutes at the tea party! 

We’re all mad here! We encourage you to bring your anger, frustrations, and all those heavy emotions as we help you feel through it and then transmute it into love and light through a guided meditation!

Restorative yoga is a relaxed class where Cindy will lead you into a certain resting position for about 10 minutes. You will have props, bolsters and blankets to help you find comfort!

As you lay in these positions, Cindy will provide massages while guiding you through a meditation and Julie will assist you into poses and spread reiki energy healing! 

At the end of the session there will be a tea party with a variety of herbal teas, created by Julie, and cookies as well! 

We have two payment options for this event:  
Standard class and tea party investment: $65 
The VIP experience: $100
This includes a “we’re all mad here” joy gift box with a beautifully themed candle and a sampler tea collection 
If you enjoy tea, restorative yoga, meditation, reiki and massages then you will not want to miss this event!  
✨Limited seating for 5 magical humans!✨
🪄 Direct message us to receive the link to reserve your space! 🪄
Other Details: 
When: Sunday, July 10, 2022 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, **Doors will close 5:30 PM**
Location:  Revive and Rise Yoga, 650 S Whitehorse Pike, Hammonton, NJ
**please give yourself extra time to locate us if this is your first visit & make sure you’re headed to a building right on Hammonton Lake, the entrance is around the back of Eye Associates building, ground floor**
Questions and accommodations to Cindy or Julie.

60 or 90 Min Massage + peppermint scalp + 10min Cold Stone treatment 

Cold Stone Treatment

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